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Boot Butler - Boot hanger
Pictured above is our patent-pending Boot Butler boot hanger. The two semi parallel sides of the hanger are the legs and the upturned ends are the feet. The legs and feet of the boot hanger gently cradle your boots from the inside, supporting their shape and preventing creases. 

Side view of a Boot Butler Boot Rack
Pictured here is a side view of an empty Boot Butler Boot Rack. 

Boots can face in or out, your choice!
Our boot racks can be used with the toes of the boots pointing out towards you for easy boot retrieval [left], or point them in towards the wall [right]. With the toes pointing out you just slide your boots on and off the boot support legs without removing the hangers, whereas with the toes facing in, you remove the hangers to remove/stow your boots. If you currently have your Boot Butler facing one direction and you want to give it a try facing the opposite direction, there is no need to take anything apart. Just lift it off of the closet rod, flip it 180º, re-hang it, and you're in business!...

A Boot Butler Boot Rack hanging from a double hang closet rod
Here our 5-pair boot rack is suspended from a double hang closet rod in two columns, one 2-pairs of boots high, and the other 3-pair high. If you have a typical closet with a rod at long hanging height, and like most people, most of your clothing is short, then this is likely the most efficient way for you to organize your closet with a Boot Butler. This way, you utilize the space you are currently wasting below your short hanging clothes and you don't lose any space on your existing closet rod.

A Boot Butler 5-pair boot rack suspended from a standard height closet rod.
Here our 5-pair boot rack is suspended from a typical long hang height closet rod in a single column that is 5-pairs of boots high.

A Boot Butler 5-pair boot rack configured to hang from a closet doubler.
This is another example of how our boot racks can be configured to fit into virtually any closet. Here, our 5-pair boot rack is hanging from a closet doubler, and is configured into two columns that are each two pairs of boots high, and one column that is one pair high.

Watch this 2-minute video demonstration to learn how to assemble and use out Boot Butler Boot Racks.


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